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If you find the CEP useful, either for creating recolours or just for using them in your game, please consider making a small


The CEP is probably the most widely used third-party addition to The Sims 2: more than 100 MILLION copies of the game have been sold worldwide, and presumably at least half of those users (but I suspect a much larger part) regularly use, or have used in the past, the CEP.

Nevertheless, the CEP has always been the creation of mine that I most rarely receive donations for.

Sure enough, a lot of users are too young to have a PayPal account, some don't have a credit card or a bank account, and some other may not be in condition to donate even a small amount; but there are more then 50 million CEP users nonetheless, and in 4 years only LESS THAN 300 PERSONS made a donation to me (about half of them donated specifically for something *else* then the CEP: for a tutorial, for the help I gave them, or for fixing their creations).

So, why am I stating these facts? Certainly not for having money: I've always created for free and never asked for anything; but after 4 years of ongoing modding activity, sometimes I feel a little sad that so few people expressed their gratitude for my work in general, and for the CEP in particular.

The reason why I've written these notes is to make CEP users consider that it would be nice if they could do something to express their gratitude. If you can't or don't feel to make a donation, no problem: post a thank you on the CEP thread at MTS2, or drop me a line by PM or email. Or why not create something on your own, and post it *for free*? This would be a really nice way to say 'thank you'! :-)



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