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This is my personal "Copyright Policy"; it applies to all my creations (objects, hacks, recolours, lots, etc.), unless differently stated.

1) You CAN'T clone or modify my creations, without specific permission (cloning an object is different than creating a recolour, since the clone is a stand-alone object that contains much of my work...).

2) You CAN'T repost my creations anywhere, or include my meshes in your recolours.

3) You CAN use all my stuff (objects, recolours, hacks, and anything) for free; no one is entitled to ask payment for any creation of mine.

4) You CAN recolour my objects and post your recolours even on paysites; in any case, you must give credits to Numenor and put a link to the thread at MTS2 where the original object can be downloaded.

5) You CAN include my creations in your lots, as long as your lot is downloadable for free and *always* will be (this excludes TSR and other "free rotation" sites). It's absolutely forbidden to include my stuff in lots uploaded to the Exchange!

In any case, proper credit is to be given to me.

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