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Hi, and welcome to my mini-site! :-)

If you are here, you know me well, so there's no need for me to explain who I am.
But I'd like to spend a few words to explain what I do.

I'm strongly convinced that modding the Sims2 should be done for pleasure, and it's a great pleasure for me, indeed!
I've created many objects, published many tutorials, shared all I know and helped hundreds of people with their own creation every time they asked me.

I've always done all this for free, and I'll always do this for free.
I don't like paysites and I don't think that the Sims2 Community should be founded on commerce and trade.

But, as you might guess, all these activities take me a lot of time, and I'm quickly running short of it...
If you have downloaded and enjoyed some of my creations, or you have found useful one of my tutorials, or you are one of the many users that I've personally helped, answering their questions and helping them creating their objects, then you can do something for me.

If you make a donation, even a very small one, I will take it as a sign of appreciation for all my past work and an incentive to go on creating free objects, sharing my knowledge for free and helping people without asking anything in return.

On the other hand, if you are not in condition to donate anything, don't worry: as long as I can do it, all my work will be always offered to anyone for free.

Nevertheless, there are some objects that I decided not to share with anyone, but only with my friends and with the people I care of. Who is kind to me, in my opinion, deserves something special from me, and who makes even a small donation is definitely eligible, in my eyes, for recieving a special gift as a sign of gratitude will receive a special "Donation Gift", exclusively created for my supporters and friends, that no one else can have :-)


I didn't want to set a minimum amount for the donations, because my gift is not intended as a sale; the kindness of a donor has nothing to do with money, in my eyes; therefore, even 1 cent is appreciated as much as 100€.

That said, I'd want to focus your attention on these important facts:
1) a donation of less than 1€ OR 1$ is a donation made to PayPal, NOT to me. After the taxes and commissions, basically nothing is actually added to my account.
2) If you are here NOT to make a spontaneous donation, but rather to BUY something, then please don't hit the "Donate" button. The "Donate" button is reserved to people that appreciated in general my past work and my efforts in helping modders and players.
3) If, on the other hand, you want to make a spontaneous donation, but you feel like you are "buying" something (and you dislike that as much as me), then I won't be offended if you refuse to download my gift, when you are redirected to the download page.

In any case, I heartily thank you for being here, and for reading these notes. You'll be always welcome to enjoy my work!

"Pedo Mellon a Minno!"
(Speak Friends and Enter!)

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